Saturday, 22 February 2014

's Killer Figure Angers Ebube Nwagbo More...check out HOT Pics

Some journalists like to look for trouble for no reason oh. Ok so we all know Ebube and Anita Joseph do not talk and some people have said it’s because of Kcee, *enough said*. So a journalist tweeted at her some hours ago about Anita Joseph’s sexy new pictures and a very angry Ebube had to ask him how that was her business. But
seriously, how on earth was that her business? Lol. I mean, when Ebube saw that tweet, she just couldn't wait to reply him. When you take a look at her twitter page today, you will know the Journalist was the only one Ebube replied, lol. That shows how upset she was. No vex jare Ebube, no vex.


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