Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chinese Man, 70, Weds His 113-year-old Sweetheart

Azatihan Sawuti, 113, and her husband Aimti Ahemti, 70

China - A 70-year-old Chinese man married his 113-year-old sweetheart after courting her for six months.

Aimti Ahemti does not seem to care about the 43-year age gap between himself and his wife Azatihan Sawuti. The two met in December 2013 at the nursing home in Bachu County, China's western Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Aimti says she takes good care of him and even shares her meals with him.

When he proposed to her for the first time, she refused, obviously embarrassed by her own old age. But, Aimti says, he started to chase her "like a young man" and eventually persuaded her to accept the proposal in April.

The two were married last week in a humble ceremony attended by some of the residents of their care home.

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